Macsween Special Edition Haggis

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Macsween Special Edition Haggis are bursting with fresh ingredients and tantalising flavours, and should now rightly be compared with similar traditional sausages like chorizo and salami.

Spicing up haggis flavours shouldn’t come as a surprise. Haggis has always been an amazingly versatile dish. As James Macsween explains,

‘Haggis was historically made from a variety of animals, whatever ancient man was hunting. But, over the last 100 years, we have grown increasingly accustomed to lamb as the main ingredient. So we are using the 60th anniversary of our company to add extra excitement to haggis with a modern interpretation of our beloved, but little understood, dish.’

Macsween has created four new haggis flavours in total – venison haggis, three bird haggis, wild boar haggis and morroccan spiced vegetarian haggis. It is hard to pick a favourite (and trust us, we have tried.)